How I Maintain My Figure!


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Contents of this Book:

In this Ebook you will find tips and tricks I've developed over the years to help maintain my weight and health while still being able to eat the delicious foods you see me post on my page. This regimen personally works for me and may not work for everyone else. If you are looking for extreme fitness/diet plans turn around, you will not find that here! What you will find is how I've personally stayed healthy and maintained my desired shape while eating the foods I love. Everything detailed in this book can be done at home!

Book includes:

-Details on what I eat on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

-What I do for exercise

-How I manage portion control/avoid overeating

-Foods I avoid

-Foods I recommend

-How I stay motivated

-How I take on going out to eat/take out

-What I eat for snacks

-My favorite smoothie recipes

-Tricks for goal-setting

-How I dress to flatter my body shape

-How I schedule my meals


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